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CareerSource Pinellas can help your business find, recruit and hire talent. Our signature business services are designed to identify missing skills and hire qualified employees to help your business grow. We can also help you train employees. Whatever staffing decisions you must make, you are looking in the right place. 

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Get viewed by thousands of candidates by posting jobs on Employ Florida and FILL your open positions.

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Hosting a booth at a career fair is a great way for talent to find you! ASK about recruitment opportunities and sponsorships.

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To keep your talent pipeline full, we also offer training that can help you RETAIN talent.

Strategic Solutions

Think of CareerSource Pinellas as a strategic extension of your human resources function. Our wide range of business services can support your staffing decisions at every stage of talent development.

CareerSource Pinellas offers a variety of Workforce Solutions and Business Services, such as Career FairsJob Postings,  In-House Recruitment Events and more! 

CareerSource Pinellas understands that not all staffing decisions are positive. Sometimes, layoffs are a necessary part of doing business.

While a major focus of CareerSource Pinellas is to work with job seekers and increase employment opportunities, it also dedicates itself to assisting local employers with staff reorganization.  This reorganization may include  temporary and permanent business layoffs, which can definitely be a sensitive and challenging subject to handle alone.

Businesses experiencing staff reorganization are encouraged to schedule an on-site session with members of CareerSource Pinellas’ Workforce Transition and Outplacement Team. There, members of your business’ management team will receive the guidance they need to ensure a smooth transition for employees affected by layoffs.

At on-site sessions, CareerSource Pinellas staff will provide an in-depth review of the Reemployment Assistance Program, which includes:

  • Calculations for benefit amount
  • How to apply for Reemployment Assistance
  • When to apply and how to claim benefit weeks
  • Requirements while on Reemployment Assistance
  • What is considered income
  • How 401K, Severance, Pensions, Social Security and Child Support affects Reemployment Assistance
  • Working Part Time while on Reemployment Assistance
  • Training opportunities through Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
  • Free Resume and Interviewing Skills classes available through the Workforce locations
  • How to navigate Employ Florida
  • Workforce Job Fair Information

Florida no longer has a local unemployment office, therefore, this is valuable face-to-face opportunity to have unemployment questions answered.

If a WARN notice has been filed, a member from the CareerSource Pinellas team will be contacting your company to offer services. If your company does not meet the requirements for filing a WARN, a staff member can be contacted directly to set up on-site sessions.

For more information regarding Workforce Transition and Outplacement Services, please email Pam Perkins.

Tampa Bay Skills Gap Analyses were undertaken to quantify the current and future demand for skill sets so that a pipeline of talent could be developed to the area’s most challenging-to-hire skill sets. Research included focus groups, interviews and skill set surveys. The Analyses sought to understand skill sets on the granular level at which hiring managers must make decisions.

Labor Market Information (LMI) is comprised of employment data per location and occupation, labor supply and demand, earnings, unemployment rates and demographics.

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Unemployment Rates  – July 2020
  • United States: 11.2 %
  • Florida: 10.7%
  • Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater MSA: 9.2%
  • CareerSource Pinellas (Pinellas County): 9.0%                                                                                                                                    note: these rates are not seasonally adjusted and are the most recent available through the Department of Economic Opportunity.

In September 2019, the Tampa‐St. Petersburg‐Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) had the highest annual job growth compared to all the metro areas in the state in financial activities (+4,300 jobs.)

Average Annual Wage – 2019
  • Florida: $50,090
  • CareerSource Pinellas (Pinellas County): $49,281

Click here for a detailed report on industries showing growth or declines in jobs, population totals and other information specific to Pinellas County.