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Professional Networking is your first step to discovering the wide range of resources available through CareerSource Pinellas that can increase your chances of landing the right job.  Professional Networking is your one-stop shop for exclusive resume reviews, Tampa Bay’s top guest speakers and the latest tips on how to make sure your network is working for you.  Plus, practice your elevator pitch, introductions and prepare for the, “so tell me about yourself” question by connecting with other like-minded business professionals in the area.


We’ve Gone VIRTUAL!

Join Us on Wednesdays
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1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Please click HERE to register for each session. We also recommend that you create a job seeker profile via EmployFlorida, to maximize your experience with CareerSource Pinellas. 

Never too old to network!
For most of his life, Robert Peck had been self-employed, enjoying a thriving career in construction by owning or partnering with leading firms. At the age of 76, Robert was looking for a new career opportunity where he could share his knowledge and expertise with a new company. However, after years of being self-employed, Robert found himself lacking job-search and interviewing skills need to achieve successful employment. It was then that he began to attend CareerSource Pinellas’ Professional Networking. There, he enhanced his employability skills and even learned about emotional intelligence through guest speaker Dr. Hank Clemons. With his newfound skills, dedicated work ethic and passion to do well, Robert gained successful employment as the Building Official for the City of Largo. Excited for his new career, Robert urges other members of Professional Networking to heed the advice of the group’s leaders and guest speakers: “Never give up! If I can get a job at 76, you can, too!”
Robert Peck
City of Largo
More than just networking...
CareerSource Pinellas hosts Professional Networking every Wednesday. Each week, around thirty talented job-seekers gather to receive job searching advice, interviewing tips and wisdom from local guest speakers - but the group does much more than that. The weekly meetings give individuals an outlet to make connections, keep their spirits high and share support with other job-seekers. William Bradley, Jr., a member of Professional Networking, recently became employed at KnowBe4 in Clearwater. He thanks the staff for hosting the group each week and providing workshops, feedback and other key job searching tools. “My participation helped to keep me focused on presenting my best self to find a new position, and I am pleased to say that I am now gainfully employed once again. I certainly believe that CareerSource Pinellas and Professional Networking helped to get me back in the job market much quicker... Thank you for your guidance and support.
William Bradley, Jr.
Helped me get my dream job
Job searching can be a challenging, tedious process, often lasting months before finding the right job. Fortunately, the perseverance and hard work can pay off. Jeannine Dowdell worked tirelessly with CareerSource Pinellas’ Gulf to Bay staff and regularly attended Professional Networking. After receiving vital training and learning how to showcase her skills and qualifications, Dowdell landed her “dream job” as the Director of Marketing for Nelson Construction and Renovations. Dowdells dedication to her job search and the efforts of Professional Networking and Gulf to Bay staff have truly paid off.
Jeannine Dowdell
Nelson Construction and Renovations

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