Lam Hua

Lam Hua always had dreams of attending college after his high school graduation. Those dreams were hindered due to financial limitations. Still wanting to better himself, Lam learned about the Soldering & Cabling program while attending Pinellas Park High School. He reached out to CareerSource staff and was enrolled in to the Soldering program at the Science Center. During the class training, Lam received gas cards which helped alleviate financial stress and ensured he had a way to get to class. Additionally, he received resume assistance and mock training interviews to help get him ready for employers.

Shortly after completing the program and earning certifications, Lam gained employment at Onicon Incorporated in Largo, FL. In his first month on the job he was promoted to Programmer/Calibrating Technician due to the skills, techniques, and training that he learned through program. Lam is very appreciative for what Career Source has done for him and is
excited that he can now have a career in a field that he enjoys.