Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act



Individuals interested in training for a new career may be eligible for assistance through WIOA. Available services are based on need determination and include tuition assistance, book allowances, uniform/supplies and career counseling.

Services under this program are eligibility-based – all interested persons must meet and be able to document preliminary eligibility criteria to be a potential candidate.

At this time, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program Funding availability is as follows:

  • WIOA Out-Of-School Youth funding is accepting applications.

  • WIOA Dislocated Worker is accepting applications.

  • WIOA Low Income Adult Funding  is accepting applications.

WIOA Adult Eligibility
To be eligible to receive WIOA services as an adult in the Adult and Dislocated Worker programs, an individual must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Be a citizen or non-citizen authorized to work in the us;
  • Meet Military Selective Service registration requirements (males only); and
  • Be a Pinellas County resident.

Dislocated Worker or Laid-off Worker Eligibility:

  • You have been laid off or you have received official notice of layoff from your current job as a result of permanent closure or substantial layoff at a plant facility or enterprise and are unlikely to return to your previous industry or occupation due to current economic conditions.
  • You are eligible for receiving or have exhausted your unemployment compensation benefits.
  • You have been providing unpaid services to a family member in the home and have been dependent on the income of another family member but are no longer supported by that income, and you have been unemployed or underemployed and are experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.
  • You are a self-employed and have lost your contract or business earnings due to the economic downturn and have been unable to find employment or replace your business earnings in Pinellas County.
  • You are a non-retiree and have been discharged recently from the armed forces under honorable conditions or have an unemployed military spouse impacted by spouse’s active duty or discharge from active duty.
  • You are the dependent spouse of a member of the Armed Forces who is on active duty and whose family income is significantly reduced because of deployment, active duty, a permanent change of station or the service-connected death or disability of your spouse.
  • You are the spouse of a member of the Armed Forces on active duty and are unemployed or underemployed and  are experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.

Low Income Adult Eligibility:

  • You or a family member currently receive or have received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) within the last six months.
  • You or a family member are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or have received in the past six months.
  • You or a family member is currently receiving Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).
  • You are a foster care youth or youth aging out of foster care and are receiving federal benefits.
  • You and your family members currently receive or have received food stamps in the past 6 months through Department of Children and Families (DCF).
  • Your family income, based upon your family size, currently falls below the current Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) below.


Family Size70% LLSIL 2019 Metro
**100% poverty

NOTE: Federal guidance indicates that low income is “the Poverty Level or 70% of the LLSIL”, whichever is higher.

Veterans and their eligible spouses continue to have priority of service for WIOA and other designated job-training programs funded in whole or in part by the U.S. Department of Labor. Refer to Administrator’s Memo 10-2, Implementation of Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses, for further information on this requirement.

Under WIOA, individualized career services and training services have a given priority, regardless of funding levels, with priority given to the following:

  • Public assistance recipients;
  • Low-income adults; and/or
  • Individuals who are basic-skills deficient.

Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program, training services may only be provided for a State-approved occupation which appear on the list below. This list is called the Regional Targeted Occupations List (RTOL). Please review the list to assist you in making a career choice.

2019-2020 Priority Training (RTOL) – Regional TOL for Adults and Dislocated Workers
After July 1, 2014, WIOA low-income adults and dislocated workers should utilize the new RTOL when selecting a WIOA training program.

This  RTOL was developed after extensive and exhaustive research into our local, regional and the statewide labor and job market. In addition, our CareerSource Pinellas Board of Directors, consisting of local business experts, reviewed and approved this RTOL. Any interested WIOA applicants should click on the link above to review and explore the training programs listed prior to selecting a training program.

2019-2020 Regional Targeted Occupations List (RTOL) – RTOL for Youth, Welfare Transition Program, and Other Programs
For other funding such Trade Impacted (TAA), Welfare Transition Program (WTP), WIOA Youth and Adult licensure, candidates may click on and review the RTOL for Youth, WTP and other programs for Pinellas County. However, we do encourage all customers to select from the RTOL Priority Training list above as these training programs are primarily focused on those occupational areas that are in highest demand in this area.

There may be additional criteria that CareerSource Pinellas and/or training providers may require for selected occupations. For example, if a school’s training program for licensed practical nurse (LPN) requires a candidate to read, write and compute math at a 10th grade level, then the assessment must reflect that the enrolling candidate meets this requirement.

Approved CareerSource Pinellas Training Providers PY 2019-2020

If you have completed your search for an approved training provider and training program and wish to start the online application for WIOA services, please click on the WIOA Application tab.

CareerSource Pinellas will host weekly information sessions at its Clearwater and South St. Petersburg centers on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning July 30, 2019. There’s no appointment needed for each session, so simply stop in and let the front desk know that you’re there for a WIOA info session. 

North County:
2312 Gulf to Bay Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Tuesdays: 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Thursday: 3:00 – 4:30 p.m

South County:
3420 8th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
Tuesdays: 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
Thursday: 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

To begin your online WIOA application, please review the steps below and print the “WIOA Application Guide” for a quick reference, as needed.

WIOA Application Guide

Please start the WIOA application by logging into the CareerSource Pinellas website by clicking on the ACCOUNT link in the top right-hand corner of your page and choose LOGIN or REGISTER .

New CareerSource Pinellas user:

  • If you have never used the CareerSource Pinellas website, then you will first need to create a user account. To do so, complete a simple registration and hit save. Please ensure to provide an email address as the website is interactive.
  • Your user name and password will be provided to you, but for future reference, it will be your last name (UserID) and social security number (password).
  • Once you set up your user account, you will be taken to your CareerSource Pinellas dashboard. In the bottom left green box labeled ENROLLMENT, please click the Create WIOA link to get started.
    Begin now by clicking on the LOG IN/REGISTER link in top right corner of your screen.

Returning CareerSource Pinellas user:

  • If you are a returning customer and have previously used CareerSource Pinellas services, please CLICK on the ACCOUNT link in the top right-hand corner of your page and choose LOGIN or REGISTER.
  • Remember your log in credentials are your last name (UserID) and social security number (password).
  • Once you complete your user account set up, you will be taken to your CareerSource dashboard and in the bottom left green box labeled ENROLLMENT, please click the Create WIOA link to get started.
  • Begin now by clicking on the LOG IN/REGISTER link in top right corner of your screen.

If you at any time need assistance with the online WIOA application or are having an issue with completion, please contact a WIOA staff member through the contact information below. Please be aware that it may take up to 24 hours to return all phone calls or emails due to incoming volume.

Email: (to better serve you, email is preferred)
Phone: (727) 608-2304

CareerSource Pinellas has orientation rooms, or a section within our resource room, where you can come into a career center to use our computers with staff on hand to assist between the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Seating is limited and is first-come-first-served.

St. Petersburg 
3420 8th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

Gulf to Bay 
2312 Gulf to Bay Boulevard
Clearwater, FL 33765

Tarpon Springs 
682 E. Klosterman Road
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689